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Making the Most of Your Small Business Venture

When we start a business, we often go in thinking about a variety of decisions that need to be made, from funding and location to how your business will reach customers. Making wise choices for your business startup can help you grow, develop, and stand the test of time. Often, learning from the wisdom of other successful companies can help you achieve your business goals and follow your passions.


Fluid Life by Sharon is a great example of how you can make your business dreams come true while doing something you love. Enjoying yourself and earning a living can become a unified plan. If you develop a business around what you enjoy doing, you are giving yourself permission to live your passions every day. Whether it is a boutique, bakery, brewery, or any other business imaginable, follow your joy and build a business that embraces it.


Developing a business around your passions will ensure that you are never bored. Enhance your skills routinely to keep your interest fresh and have more to offer to your customer base. Continuing your education is another smart way to invest in yourself and ultimately help your business grow. Teaming up with other businesses can also be mutually beneficial.

Working with Other Businesses

Your business is more likely to do well if you work with other companies and join forces. One simple way to connect with a variety of other business owners is through your local Chamber of Commerce. Such a group offers your business credibility in the community and helps you gain a greater understanding of the needs and issues of your area. Chambers of Commerce can connect you with peers, offer networking opportunities, and establish goodwill in your city.


Working with other business owners on collaborative creative projects may also be fun and lucrative. A kitchen-goods store could team up with a local restaurant to offer an instructional workshop on meal prep or a digital marketing service could team up with an office supply vendor to offer unique marketing and supply deals for business owners. Teamwork is one of the best ways to watch businesses grow.

Business Structure and Safety

The way your business is structured could impact the way you operate and the level of growth you experience. Before you open your doors, be sure to research and select a business structure that offers you flexibility, protection from liability, and tax advantages. Many small businesses opt to file as a Limited Liability Company (LLC). There are other options available, but the protections offered by LLC formation make it a worthy option for your business. There are online formation services that can quickly navigate the application process and offer professional support.


During these challenging times with the pandemic impacting businesses everywhere, consider ways to implement work-at-home options for employees, if possible. Stay informed about your region’s Covid-19 status and use precautions outlined by the CDC to ensure the safety of your customers and employees. The way you choose to operate during difficult times can influence your success in the long term.


By participating in wise decision-making for your business such as following your passions, collaborating with other businesses, and forming a business that protects you from liability, you have a great opportunity to succeed.


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Written  by Gloria Martinez